Monday, December 22, 2014

28 Before 29

Birthday dinner was amazing!
Hello beautiful blog friends! On the 2nd of this month I turned 28. It was so different from last year in the best possible way. 27 was a hard year, full of some ups and a lot of downs. It felt like I could never get a handle on things, but the end of the year finally felt like things were evening out for me. When I turned 27 I didn't really celebrate and kind of had a melt down about it. Not this year. I'm so excited for 28. It feels like it will be my best age yet. Growing up and growing into yourself is a good feeling. In the spirit of traditions, I decided to make another birthday list (check out last years if you want). I only completed 7 things on my list last year, which is shameful, but I'm commited to making things happen this year. Here's my list and I'll try to keep it updated as I go!

28 Before 29

1.       See my HAM friends, even if it has to be separately, but ideally all together

2.       Get a kit for tintypes

3.       Stick to a monthly budget

4.       Get a tattoo

5.       Save $1000 for emergencies

6.       Update my bedroom (new bed frame & sheets/blankets please!)

7.       Learn to knit

8.       Go to a new winery

9.       Host Friendsgiving or Friendsmas

10.   Watch at least  15 movies that were nominated for Oscars

11.   Go back to school

12.   Shoot one roll of film per month

13.   Read 8 classic books

14.   Start a book blog with Jen

15.   Complete 3 quilts

16.   Work out at least 3 times a week

17.   Take a family vacation

18.   Get family pictures taken by Grace

19.   Go to a state I’ve never been to

20.   Complete a Project 52

21.   Go on more hikes

22.   Print out pictures to hang at home

23.   Get my nose pierced

24.   Get a passport

25.   Get a French press

26.   Go antiquing in Springfield with Jen

27.   Get a library card

28.   Try one new restaurant a month

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Back in the Game

Hey internet peeps! If you are still waiting with bated breath for me to come back to blogging, the time has come. It's been over 6 months since I last posted and I honestly wasn't sure if I would ever come back. It wasn't an intentional thing, I just didn't ever feel like posting and so I didn't. It was kind of nice to take a break and live life without worrying about making sure everything was documented for blogging purposes. However, I realized I really love blogging. Even if I'm the only one reading this, I don't care. This is my space and I love it.

Part of the issue was that this blog didn't feel like "me" anymore. I started this blog in 2009 right before I got married. It felt like there was a lot of emotional baggage attached to all the past entries and I didn't know how to go forward when all of that felt like it was weighing me down. I thought about starting a brand new blog but there were a lot of things from this blog I would be sad to lose, especially within the last two years. So I sat down last week and deleted over 400 blog posts. I thought it would make me sad, but honestly it was so freeing. I felt like I was finally letting go of something that wasn't me, a person I hadn't been in a long time, and someone who was posting things that weren't authentic to how my life actually was. This is my space to be completely open and honest and having all those posts were holding me back.

This has been such a learning year for me. I've failed a bunch, fallen down over and over, but I learned how to pick myself back up and to fight for what I wanted. I'm glad I removed the past and I'm ready to share everything I've been up to and everything good that's been happening lately. I hope you'll stick around since I don't plan on leaving for an extended period again. It feels good to be back.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Things I am, Things I Try to Be, and Things I am Not

I saw this on a friend's blog (and I'm drawing a blank on which one it was. Sorry!)who go it off of Moe's blog, Five Sixteenths (my new favorite blog!). I like the idea of self examination and striving to be better. I feel like I spend a lot of time thinking about the things I want in life and how to get them. So this post was right up my alley. It might even be a good yearly post or something. A cool way to track the way the changes from year to year. 

I am
+ a mom who is trying her best to provide a stable, loving, fun life for my kids
+ a single lady enjoying every second of it
+ starting over and going in a new direction
+ a hard worker who sometimes needs to realize when to take a break
+ still figuring out where I want to be 

I try to be
+ a positive influence to those around me
+ healthy in my overall life (physically, mentally, emotionally)
+ a goal achiever instead of a just a goal setter.
+ accepting of the person I am while still trying to be the person I want to be
+ silly as well as serious 

I am not
+ as outgoing as I want to be
+ going to settle for anything less than what I want/deserve
+ ever going to stop getting attached to fictional characters :) 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Life Lately

My poor blog! So neglected lately. If I'm being honest, nothing terribly exciting has happened. In fact a lot of crappy things have happened all in rapid succession. As I'm writing this, I'm sick in bed and drinking as much tea as humanly possible to try and kick so I don't have to miss another day of work. I'm not one to dwell, I let myself be sad, and then I get back up and keep going. This time I'm using it as motivation to start kicking ass and building the life I want. Good things will happen! I also really love summer. It's my season for sure, and I have an epic list of things to do this summer that I'll be sharing soon! Feel free to send me any ideas you think are things that I MUST do this summer! Here's a bunch of phone photos of life lately, mostly because I've been lazy about bringing my big camera places (that's at the top of my list).

Found a bunch of 4 leaf clovers recently

Views from the country 

Forest Park in STL. I spent an afternoon here walking through the Art Museum and reading in the sunshine 

Watermelon margarita with friends 

Halloween quilting with Jen (Check out that zombie fabric!) 

Giant beetle at the zoo 

Elephants and beebs 

Mother's Day selfie 

Birds, birds, birds 

Owl friends 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Reads

I used to share links from around the interwebs that I liked, but I got out of the habit. Now I have a phone full of links I want to check out and share, so here I am! I think this is also a good way to remember thing I want to go back and take a look at. Maybe I'll make it a weekly thing? Don't worry, I'll wait until you're done laughing at the thought of me making a regular weekly post :)

36 Things I Wish I Figured Out Sooner, especially the second to last one!

Book Cardigan!!! You best believe I've got an alert for if this comes back in stock

This is Why I'll Never be an Adult is basically me to a tee

Lazy Girl hairstyles. I really need this so I can do more than a bun, a braid or just straight hair

Homemade Wine Labels I can get behind (and actually feel like I need daily) 

These mugs are pretty boss 

25 Scandalous Needlepoints Your Grandma Would Hate. Can I have a whole wall of scandalous needlepoints? 

Dreaming of buying this (CRAZY AFFORDABLE!!) bed frame. And also a million other things at Ikea 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Life motto 

reading... Just finished Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. Wow, what a great book! Gone Girl is still my favorite, but Flynn has some major talent. Sharp Objects was more of a slow burn, watching the mystery unfold felt like it really caught ahold of you until you could not put the book down. I had suspicions of how it would end, but not so much that it didn't feel emotionally gut wrenching when we got there. It was a pretty quick read too. Tomorrow I'll start Dark Places, also by Flynn. 

watching... After falling off the wagon for almost a year (!!!!!) I started watching Fringe again. I just finished season 4, and can't wait to start season 5. More Peter and Olivia please. And also Lincoln. Ok just more everyone on Fringe forever and ever. I also started Mad Men, but Fringe has taken over my life so it's on pause. Lastly catching up on current tv shows like Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Supernatural, and The Vampire Diaries. Oh and Orphan Black came back this weekend! So much good tv happening right now! 

thinking about... started a new blog. It's been actually weighing on my mind a lot lately since probably last summer. I just feel like I need something new. This place will always be special, my first blog and I started it right before I got married, so it holds a lot of stories and pictures from the past 5 years of my life. However, I don't feel like it represents me as well anymore. It's probably why I don't blog as often. I feel like I've lost my blogging voice and I need somewhere new to start fresh with this new phase of my life. So stay tuned and watch here for updates! Also if you've ever started over in blog land, how did it go? Any advice? 

loving... warm weather! Finally! And also spring storms. I just want it to rain one day when I can sit at home and enjoy it. It always happens during the work week which is a huge bummer! 

anticipating... starting in a workout group next week. Also trips to visit my favorite HAM ladies this summer. 

eating... drinking wine right now. Earlier I ate some triscuts and cheese, dinner of busy single girls everywhere (or at least in my house) 

listening to... playlists on Spotify. There are so many great ones, I've been jumping around a lot. Also pretty obsessed with the songs Fancy by Iggy Azaela, Simple Things by Miguel, and Heartbeats by Childish Gambino 

crafting...  I just finished the cross stitch pictures above and I love it! I want to make even more! It's from the shop Plastic Little Covers on Etsy. Also planning Halloween quilts with Jen as our next Best Friend Project! 

feeling thankful for... writing and books. Both have been some fantastic escapes and stress relievers for me lately. 

planning...  to rearrange my furniture tomorrow and a few personal projects I've been needing to tackle

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Book Quilt Reveal

Hey there blog friends! Remember when I promised a post on our finished book quilts and didn't deliver for weeks? Yeah, sorry about that. I need to get way better at blogging. However long hours at work have led to me either coming home and vegging out with a book or Netflix most nights. But today my babysitter cancelled and my mom couldn't do it, so I had to miss work and spend some time at home with my beebs. I'm not complaining. I finally had time to read (and comment!) on blogs and to catch up on mine. I'm a post scheduling fool today.

Back to the topic of book quilts, I was sad to see I didn't get as many awesome pictures as I hoped. I think Jen and I need to schedule another quilt photoshoot sometime soon! I got enough to show you the finished project so here they are. You can definitely tell Jen is the superior quilter out of the two of us, but I know as time goes on and I get even more quilts under my belt I will improve even more. Without wasting any more time, here's the quilts yo!

My Quilt

 Jen's Quilt 

Book Quilts: Cat approved!